Spiritual Connection: How To Know If Your Spiritual Counselor Is A Good Fit For You

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Spiritual counseling can be a great help if you want to explore your spiritual side, take your faith to a new level, or want to improve your well-being. However, being able to connect well with your spiritual coach is important in order to gain the most from your counseling sessions. There are several key factors that will help you determine if your spiritual counselor is a good fit for you.

First impressions

Fortunately, you can learn a lot from your first meeting with your spiritual counselor. It is natural to feel some apprehension when you arrive for your first visit because you may not know what to expect. However, if you feel something is not right or feel uncomfortable at the end of your first counseling session, it may be best to look for another counselor.

Being heard

Does your spiritual counselor have good listening skills? Feeling heard is vital to a successful counseling session. If you do not feel heard, you will be less likely to open up about your emotions and feelings. If your therapist can reflect back to you what you stated and if they can read your body language well, they are probably a good fit for you.

Feeling accepted

In order to connect with your spiritual side, you need to feel accepted for who you are, regardless of your gender, religious affiliation, age, or size. A good spiritual counselor will never act in a manner that makes you feel judged for who you are. When you feel accepted, you will feel safe and be able to focus on your spiritual counseling sessions.

Feeling free to offer feedback

Does your spiritual counselor ask you to give feedback about your session, whether negative or positive? Feeling free to express your thoughts or to be open and honest about a technique that is being used in your sessions is important for a good outcome. Negative and positive feedback can help your counselor develop a plan that works well for you if one or more methods do not seem to be working.

Working with a spiritual counselor should be a positive experience that enriches your life for the better. If you are meeting with a counselor and not feeling a lot of benefit from your sessions, your counselor may not be a good fit for your personality. Meeting with different counselors will help you find the one who is best suited for your needs. 

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